Independence Day Parade

About The Independence Day Parade

An active, thriving community, supported by residents, visitors, and fellow businesses, defines the essence of Kailua. At the heart of this vibrant tapestry lies the Kailua Chamber of Commerce (KCOC), a beacon of unity and collaboration. Comprising a diverse array of businesses and individuals, the KCOC is dedicated to fostering mutual cooperation and solidarity within the Kailua community.

For 75 Amazing years, our Independence Day Parade has graced the streets of Kainalu Drive, symbolizing not just a celebration of freedom, but a testament to the strength of our community bonds. Through this cherished tradition, we come together as one, honoring our shared heritage and the businesses and families that call Kailua home.

As we march forward into the future, the KCOC remains committed to addressing and solving the challenges that face Windward Oahu. Together, we continue to shape a brighter tomorrow, guided by the spirit of collaboration and community that defines us.

Kaimana- Shining Through The Years

We are delighted to unveil the theme for our 75th Annual Kailua Independence Day Parade: “Kaimana: Shining Through The Years” In the ʻŌlelo Hawaiʻi, “Kaimana” translates to “diamond,” a symbol of brilliance and endurance. As we commemorate three-quarters of a century of community spirit and resilience, we embrace the diamond’s multifaceted symbolism: strength, longevity, and the preciousness of our shared cultures. This year’s parade will sparkle with the essence of Kailua’s vibrant history, illuminated by the contributions of its people and the radiant legacy they have built together. 

We encourage all participants to decorate accordingly to represent the theme, but participants may Decorate their floats in a patriotic way, or however best represents your business.

Judges will be picking winners for: “Best Overall Float”, “Best Marching Unit”, “Best Keiki-Centric Float”, “Best Representation of the Theme” and “Most Patriotic”


75 Volunteers for 75 Years

As we approach our 75th Independence Day Parade, we are filled with both excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to celebrate this significant milestone. However, to ensure that this event is truly memorable, we are reaching out to you, our esteemed partners and community members, for assistance. We are in need of at least 75 dedicated volunteers who can contribute in various capacities, ranging from sponsoring a dessert table for our Heroes float to helping maintain cleanliness along the parade route. Your support will not only enhance the overall experience but also showcase the spirit of unity and camaraderie that defines our community. We sincerely hope you will consider joining us in making this celebration a resounding success.

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