Kailua Water Sports

One of the great things about living in a small beach community
like Kailua is the long stretch ofbeach and wide range of ocean activities.

Beautiful calm clear blue waters make it perfect for diving, snorkeling and kayaking.  The prevailing tradewinds provide just enough wave action for bodysurfing, bodyboarding, stand-up paddleboarding, and traditional surfing. 

Kailua has some of the most experienced water sports businesses and tour groups in the state.  Check out the below section for some of our featured water sport members.

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Wind Surfing: Photo courtesy Kailua Beach Adventures

 Photo courtesy: Kailua Sailboards & KayaksKailua is known to the world as the early windsurfing capital - this is where windsurfing was developed.  Steady trade winds, turquoise water and a gentle beach make for a windsurfing paradise in Hawaii. Windsurfers in Kailua Bay get the best of both worlds, with waves on the outer reef and cleaner slalom conditions inside.  Spots such as 'Castles', 'Zombies', 'Flat Island' and 'Jump City' can be reached for those who want to try their hand at wave sailing and jumping.   Kailua Beach Park offers three miles of sandy beach and a mild shore-break, making Kailua the friendliest place to windsurf in Hawaii.  Kailua being the best place for beginners in Hawaii.

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Kite Surfing 
Photos courtesy of Kailua Beach Adventures
kitesurfing kailuaKailua is a must visit kiteboarding destination, with the best all around conditions of any where in Hawaii. Kite surfers from around the world come here for holiday to kite side by side with Oahu locals. The standard Kailua kite is a 12m, though anything from a 7-17m may be used.  The main launch site for kitesurfing on Oahu is one block from Kailua Sailboards and Kayak's shop. Kailua has been known as one of the best spots for kiting in the world due to the combination of sandy beach, warm water and extreme beauty. Trade winds blow year round and can range from 12-25 knots, averaging around 16 in the Summer. The wind blows from the ENE, which makes for an ideal side-on-shore direction. Kite surfers launch from Kailua Beach Park, where there is grass for staging your kite and a sandy beach for the launch. Kailua Beach has a mild to moderate shore break that generally does not effect kiters but grows larger down wind on the beach where the wind also becomes more onshore. The inside section of the bay is relatively calm, with out breaking waves. Rolling swells and waves break on the outer reefs and offer great jumping and wave riding for more experienced riders.

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Kayaking in Kailua Bay
Photos courtesy Twogood Kayak
Malibu-to-mokes-dark-version.jpgOf all the good reasons to visit Kailua, our beaches, protected waters, and scenic offshore Island bird sanctuaries are three of the best, and the best way to take advantage of them is to go kayaking in this aquiline water wonderland!

You can either rent kayaks or go on a Guided Kayak Tour.  One and Two-Person Kayaks that are designed to be stable and easy to use, even for first timers, are available from two companies in Kailua, Twogood Kayaks Hawaii, Inc. and
Kailua Beach Adventures.

When you paddle to the scenic offshore Islands in Kailua Bay, you’ll enjoy exploring exotic coral formations inhabited by many varieties tropical fish and miles of perfect white sand beaches Kailua is famous for.

Once on the islands, you can explore the bird sanctuaries, tide pools, and beaches that visitors seldom see!  So, if you want to experience a part of Hawaii that will give you wonderful memories and stories to share for a lifetime, try kayaking in Kailua Bay.

Stand-up Paddle, AKA SUP:

Photo courtesy: Kailua Sailboards & KayaksWhen you visit Kailua, if you’re looking for a great way to enjoy our warm clear waters    and perfect white sand beaches, Stand-up Paddle boarding might be for you!!  Otherwise known as SUP, Stand-up Paddle Boarding has really caught fire as a sport that SUP lessons - KSBanyone can enjoy and the perspective you have while standing up and paddling on these boards is truly unique and enjoyable.  If you’d like to give this sport a try while you’re in town, you’ll find SUP rentals and lessons at Twogood Kayaks Hawaii, Inc. and Kailua Sailboards and Kayaks.


kailu surfersA popular spot for surfing on Kailua Beach is at Kalama Beach Park.  Located about halfway down the length of the bay, it has several sand-bottomed peaks great for novice surfers, body boarding and body surfing.  Beginners will love the easy paddle out, sandy bottom, waves that rarely get bigger than shoulder-high. 

Some things to consider, always check the shoreline for portuguese man-o-war, if these bluish floating jellyfish accumulate along the shore their stings will ruin your afternoon, also the parking lot closes shortly after sunset, and yoSurf Instructors Kailua-Beachur car will be stuck inside so plan on going mid-afternoon. 

On the rare occasions when a big north swell coincides with Kona winds, other surf spots in Kailua Bay come to life.  150 yards off Kailua beach park is "Flat" island where a reef-bottomed left breaking surf spot is located.  This spot is best for long boarding because of the long easy breaking waves over the shallow reef.  When conditions are right you will have a great surf session without having to drive to town or the north shore.  The paddle-out distance is worth the rewards of catching long rides.  Watch out for local canoe clubs practicing canoe surfing!

            On the north end of Kailua Bay where the Kawainui marsh drainage canal meets the ocean is a surf spot called Castles.  This portion of the beach is probably more well-known for President Obama' vacation home, but surfing has been happening here for decades.  This is another great spot for beginning surfers with reef, rock and sand bottom.  The waves break softly and are best for long boarding.  

Photo courtesy of Aarons Dive Shop

 diver shaka small version.jpgWith one of the most beautiful beaches in the US, and islands right off our shore line, Kailua residents and visitors alike gravitate towards the water and water based activities. Snorkeling and SCUBA diving are a fantastic way to discover the wonders of our underwater world, from green turtles and monk seals, to lava formations and incredible shipwrecks. More than 20% of Hawaii’s underwater denizens are only found in Hawaii. Grab your mask, snorkel and fins and snorkel towards Flat Island or right off Lanikai beach. If you are feeling a bit more adventurous, drop into one of the local dive shops and join them for the daily SCUBA tours, swimming with the dolphins, or whale watching.

Water Sport Business Members:

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