Kailua Restaurants

Hawaii is an island state and it's also the closest state to the Far East.   You'll find excellent Pacific rim cuisine such as Chinese, Japanese, Filipino and Thai.  A popular local choice is called the plate lunch.  The plate lunch consists of  fish, meat or poultry entree, two scoops of sticky rice, and some macaroni salad.   The price is usually very affordable and you'll probably get more food than you can eat.

Because of Kailua's eclectic residents and visitors, you will not only find Pacific Rim cuisine but some of the best Italian, American, Mexican, and Middle Eastern food available.  Kailua is known be one of the more health and environmentally conscious towns in Hawaii.  If you throw a rock in any direction chances are you will find healthy fresh food options or a health food store.

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Kailua's Finest

Kailua has attracted a world class group of connoisseurs who indulge in the greatest things in life, food, and family.  We are very fortunate to have a group of restaurants which are superb in the preparation and delivery of ethnic foods. 


Every restaurant has managed to bring their own culture into the business and infuse their dishes into a local style Hawaii flavor such as line caught fresh Ahi at Kalapawai Cafe  to fresh Kalua Pork Eggs Benedict at Cinnamon's Restaurant to the AlohaPinkys Plate at Pinky's Pupu Bar and Grill. We invite people of the world, young and old, to try foods that will tickle the taste buds and satisfy their tummies with delectable delights. 

WKalapawai Cafee know that having to choose from so many quality restaurants may prove to be difficult so just ask the local’s for their recommendations. They will be eager to tell you what is "Ono" a word they will use meaning delicious.

"I love Kailua Town Party"

I love Kailua

Each year around the last week of April, the Lani-Kailua Outdoor Cicle sponsors a town party entitled “I Love Kailua Town Party.” Many of small businesses come together to showcase their signature dishes and products. This is a must see experience for you to share in the culinary delights and treasure exploration.

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Something Different

cup of teaIf you are looking to try something different, Kailua has a Victorian Tea Room and Boutique called A Cup of Tea.   They serve tea sandwiches, soups and delicacies and of course a unique assortment of tea.

Food Festivals

Hawaii has fantastic food festivals year long and all across the islands.  Find the next food festival in your area here.

Farmers Market

farmers marketAt the People’s Open Market you will find fresh fruit and vegetables, herbs, cut flowers, orchids, sometimes fresh fish and seafood, eggs and mushrooms. Much of this produce is Hawaii-grown, but some items are brought in from the mainland. 

Thursday morning from 9:00 to 10:00 sharp in the parking lot of the Kailua District Park at 21 South Kainalu Drive

The Hawaii Farm Bureau and co-sponsorkailua farmers market Kaneohe Ranch Company Ltd. hold a second market each Thursday evening. You will find produce and items that are strictly from Hawaii at this diversified agricultural scene. Select from a variety of fruits, vegetables, flowers, beef, aqua cultured seafood, fresh baked breads, hand-made pastas, tropical jams and jellies, unique snack foods, honey, baked goods, specialty seasonings and more. You will find delicious hot food for dinner and sometimes live music. More than 2 dozen vendors display and sell their products each week.

From 5 to 7:30 p.m. Kailua Town Center Parking Garage, 609 Kailua Road (behind Longs).

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