Hiking and Biking in Kailua


pill boxes One of the most popular activities is the Ka’iwa Ridge Trail hike up to the “pillboxes” overlooking Lanikai.  It is a short and relatively easy hike.  Even 4-year-olds have completed it quite easily.  The entrance is across the street from Mid-Pacific Country Club.   There are no signs, but most Kailuans can give you directions.  The view when you get to the top is amazing and well worth any of the climb.
The hike is about one mile and is open and dry. Allow one hour to complete.  Walk the length of Kailua Beach.  You can start wherever you like, behind Kalapawai Market is a great place.  Walk the entire length to touch the rock at the end before returning to Kalapawai Market.  The roundtrip takes a good hour, but it is the most beautiful leisurely walk you can imagine.  Many people schedule their walks around low tide so that the walk is easier. 

maunawili falls.jpg
Another fun hike is Maunawili Falls, located in the back of Maunawili Valley.  It is a little longer and it is a good idea to bring mosquito repellent, but you are rewarded with a beautiful waterfall that makes it all worthwhile.  This is a nice beginners trail with a rewarding waterfall and swimming hole at the final destination  The hiking time is 1 -1 1/2 hours.  http://oahuhiking.com/maunawili.htm

olomana.jpgMount Olomana is another hike that is more strenuous and for people with more hiking experience. It takes at least 2 hours to reach the top of the third peak and return.   The views are incredible, overlooking the Windward coast from Kailua all the way to Makapuu. There are three peaks to climb; some parts require nerve-testing rock climbing. Luckily ropes are laid out to help in some of the dangerous areas. Be very careful if you attempt the hike to the third peak. However, the reward and feeling of self -accomplishment is well worth the effort. http://oahuhiking.com/olomana.htm

kawainui trai.jpg
There is also the Kawainui Marsh Trail, which is paved and runs through the marsh.  It is perfect for riding bikes as well as walking or jogging. It is about three miles long, paved, meandering through marshland with unobstructed views of the Ko'olau mountains. You will see many Hawaiian endangered birds in this Wetland Bird Habitat.  Located at the end of Kaha Street off of Oneawa and stroller friendly.

Na Pohaku o Hauwahine, otherwise known as the “rock formation of the Hawaiian Mo`o goddess and guardian of Kawai Nui Marsh”, is located in the ahupua'a of Kailua. There, and at Ulupo Heiau, ongoing malama (stewardship) and educational programs are taking place.  DIRECTIONS: Park on the right side of Kapa'a Quarry Road, one mile from the Kapa'a Quarry Road and Kalanianaole Hwy intersection, before entering the Kapa`a Landfill Transfer Station.

Hawaii Hiking Guidelines

  • As always exercise caution when Hiking anywhere in Hawaii and be sure to be prepared. 
  • The sun sets around 6:30, please do Kailua Residents a favor and start all hikes by 2pm!The helicopters fly very low over neighborhoods all through the night when they look for you. Be considerate and use common sense.....
  • Watch for flash floods and stream beds when it rains. Hawaii clay "red dirt" is much more slippery than mainland dirt, be careful.
  • Be considerate of hikes in residential areas, stay off private property, bring a cell phone and keep it dry, bring water and a towel to wipe yourself off after being muddy, stay on the trail, park in designated areas, don't bother the residents when you failed to plan, use the restroom before you go, pick up your doggie's "presents" if you bring a dog, be considerate and respectful
  • Please do not leave your trash anywhere on the trails!. Keep Hawaii beautiful!
  • Remember not to drink or swim in streams or waterfalls of you have open cuts due to leptospirosis. 
  • For a more on what to watch out for check out this website.


Biking at Kailua Beach

Kailuans are known for being environmentally friendly and healthy therefore Kailua is a very bike friendly town.  Biking is a great vehicle for exploration with our rolling hills and miles of bike paths.   12 miles outside of Waikiki, Kailua is home to some the most beautiful and photographed beaches in the world.   You can bike around Kailua town and visit our shopping districts with their unique boutiques and restaurants or cycle Lanikai or Kailua Beach Park, which are all within bicycling distance.  Approximately three miles of bike paths are found along Kailua and Lanikai Beach as well as a marsh front levy-trail, offering great bird watching and wetlands.  For serious mountain bikers, Kailua is home to one of the most popular mountain bike trails in the state.  Situated at the bast of Koolau range, the Maunwaili bike trail offers 20 miles of beautiful trails through lush tropical rain forest and is considered one of the most beautiful trails on the island. Here are a couple of links to sites that offer great resources for cyclists.  Hawaii.Gov   and    Trails.com


Photo credits: Biking at Kailua Beach, Kailua Sailboards

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